River Queen Artisans Gallery

will be closed for vacation June 26 - June 29, 2017.

If you are interested in any of the specific pieces on this page, please call the gallery (609-397-2977) during business hours to confirm it is still available.

Our newest show, "The Luck of the Artist" opened Sunday, April 23.

Here are a few highlights from The Luck of the Artist:

We are introducing several new artists with this show: June Ponte and Chris Paxson.

                   Oil Painting

Edgar Allan Poe
by June Ponte
Original Painting
14" Wide by 16" High


     mixed media sculpture

Fish 8
by Chris Paxson
Mixed Media Sculpture
Approximately 25" High by 27" Long

                     photography montage
When Dragons Fly
by Darlene Foster
Photography Montage
Framed 26 3/4" Wide X 22 3/4" High
           acrylic painting
Sloth in Clash Hat
by Bonnie Buellis
Acrylic Painting
Unframed 8" Wide X 8" High

Fine Art Painting
Birds Of A Feather
by Wayne Freitag
Oil/Acrylic Painting
Unframed 30" Wide X 40" High
               Ceramic and Stoneware Sculpture
Where Are We Going?
by Sheila Coutin
Ceramic and Stoneware Sculpture
Approximately 18 1/2" High and 12" Long

Digital Art
The Rest Silence
by Guy Ciarcia
Digital Art on Metal
Unframed 36" Wide X 36" High


Fish Earrings
by Jane S Wesby
$15 - $19