We are redesigning our website, hoping to make it more mobile friendly. We are aiming for a slimmer site, instead of the almost 50 pages of our old site, we are planning on about 7 - 10 pages.

Not all the links are working yet, we are still building the pages, and moving information around. We will have the site completed soon.

Let us know what you think of the new design, and if there are any parts of our old site you would like to see integrated into the new.

If you are interested in any of the specific pieces on this page, please call the gallery (609-397-2977) during business hours to confirm it is still available.

Here are some samples from our latest show "And The Heat Goes On"

by Diane Savona
Assemblage on Industrial Felt
Approximately 12" High X 16" Wide X 1" Deep

Fine Art Oil Painting
The Burning Surface
by Richard Moglia
Oil on Panel
Unframed 31 1/2" Wide X 24" High

Fine Art Painting by Rachel Bliss

Miss Naenae
by Rachel Bliss
Oil Painting
Framed 6 3/8" Wide X 5 3/8" High
Photography Montage
Consequences and Regrets
by Max Crandall
Photo Montage
Framed Approximately 8" X 8"

Digital Art
Island of the Sirens 2
by Guy Ciarcia
Digital Art on Metal
Approximately 20" Wide X 20" High
Acrylic Painting
Disney Sloth
by Bonnie Buellis
Acrylic Painting
Unframed 6" Wide X 6" High
American Bison with Bird
by Sheila Coutin
Ceramic and Stoneware Sculpture
Approximately 11" High X 13 Wide X 7" Deep

Acrylic Painting

Happy Colors
by Elina Lorenz
Acrylic Painting with Collage
Unframed 40" Wide X 30" High
Oil Painting
After Bronzino Silver
Oil painting
by Tom Foral
Unframed 36" Wide X 36" High
Large Candy Heart Pendant
by Jacqueline ter Kuile
Sterling Silver Necklace
Heart Approximately 2" High