River Queen Artisans at Caffe Galleria

Hurtling Through Time

There will be an opening reception May 16, from 6 - 8 PM, for the new show at Caffe Galleria, featuring the photography of Sal Petruzelli Marino.

"The days are long but the years are short."


Someone told us this before our son was born, perhaps meant as a way to ease the burden of nights filled with crying, and days filled with tantrums.

At the time, it seemed like another platitude, but as the days and years have continued on, it's come to be a mantra of sorts, spoken to offer comfort in those trying moments when everything seems destined to fail, but more achingly, when we look at the face of our son and the soft, impossible features of infancy have given way to the ruddy face of a different boy, growing faster than we care to acknowledge.

With this show, we wanted to explore how we capture moments in time, how we remember our fondest moments, and how, despite our best efforts, things fall apart. We hope you find your own memories cast among these images, and that in that flash of remembrance, time stands still, if only for a single breath.

— Sal & Noelle, SPM Photography

Color Photograph    

The Last Vestige
by Sal Petruzelli Marino
Framed Photograph
19 1/4" Wide by 19 1/4" High

Black & White Photograph

There Was No Treasure
by Sal Petruzelli Marino
Photograph on Metal
24" Wide by 16" High

Last Chance To See "Things Made Beautiful"  at Caffe Galleria


Reflecting Caffe Galleria's commitment to combine fine dining and local art, "​Things Made Beautiful" features oil paintings by professional artist and teacher, Dot Bunn.

Dot Bunn is a full time studio oil painter who lives and works in Bucks County,
Pennsylvania. She has a strong commitment to working with and teaching traditional methods of painting. Ms Bunn is an Elected member of Allied Artists of America and the American Artists Professional League. She is a member of Oil Painters of America and her still life painting "Autumn Berry Vine" was accepted into their 2017 National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils.

Dot’s work has been exhibited in solo and juried exhibitions, receiving many awards, including the Alden Bryan Memorial Medal for Traditional Landscape from Allied Artists of America Annual Juried Show; an Honorable Mention and Semi-finalist award from Art Renewal Center Salon Show; two Patron Awards for Painting from the Phillips' Mill Annual Juried Art Exhibition. Her work has been included in the Butler Institute of American Art National Midyear Exhibition, American Artists Professional League Grand National Exhibition and Art Association of Harrisburg Invitational Exhibition.

​In speaking about her work Dot Bunn explains:

"The final painting that leaves my easel has a carefully designed structure that guides my choices throughout the process. Design is my starting point and many of my paintings had numerous drawings done before the brush touched the surface.

Although I have my favorites when it comes to subject matter, I believe that all things can be made beautiful if your goal is to apply the principles of composition and the management of color to your work. It is not objects that I strive to paint but the essence of light that surrounds and washes over them.

My paintings are thoughtfully developed by design, with preliminary drawings using traditional methods of composition built on the geometry of rectangles much the same as was done by painters dating back to the Renaissance. I enjoy the challenge of building a composition that works two dimensionally while depicting reality”.

Oil Painting
Early On A Winter Day
Oil Painting
by Dot Bunn
Fine Art Oil painting
Valentine Tulips
Oil Painting
by Dot Bunn

"​Things Made Beautiful" will run until May 16, 2017.

Caffe Galleria rotates art from local artists, with shows curated by Jane Wesby and Edward Dumchus of River Queen Artisans Gallery, 8 Church Street, Lambertville.

Caffe Galleria has been a local favorite for more than fifteen years. Located at 23 North Union Street, and open 7 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their eclectic menu is based on, but not limited to, Mediterranean cooking, and also includes gelato and an espresso bar. 

Contact Caffe Galleria at 609-397-2400.

For further information about the art at Caffe Galleria, contact: Edward Dumchus, River Queen Artisan's Gallery 8 Church Street, Lambertville NJ Phone 609-397-2977